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Calling all Volunteers and Gardeners

Its a big day in Eastpointe, this Saturday May 11 and we hope to see you at the garden.

The Eastpointe Community Garden will have a booth at the Farmer’s Market and will be selling t-shirts and spreading the word about the garden. (9 mile + Gratiot)

We will have our weekly work party starting at noon and need as much help with cutting the lawn as we can get – If you are able to bring a mower to the garden, it would be a great help. We will continue to clear vines and branches and will transplant lilies from the back up to the front areas.

We will also kick off our “Ask the Gardener” session to answer questions about getting started planting at the community garden. The session will start at 1:15, so people have time to shop at the market and make it back from other activities. We will have the bed assignments on Saturday and will give them out on-site or will send emails to everyone who hasn’t gotten them.

P.S. There is also a perennial exchange over at the Eastpointe Military Museum hosted by the Beautification Commission on Saturday.