Parking Lot Area

Behind The Wall

Towards the Back

Personal Support

We would like to thank the following individuals for their continued support. Your efforts are not unnoticed! You have gone above and beyond by showing how selfless you truly are. You have made the community a better place and should be proud.

  • Laurie Gmyrek
  • Bill Randazzo
  • Peggy DiMercurio
  • Frank DiMercurio
  • Shay Hofmann
  • John Hofmann
  • Kat Strong
  • Cola Strong
  • Mark Voorhees
  • Jamie Rumminger
  • Kristen Bates
  • Jerry DePoorter
  • Ron LaForest
  • Gene Yuells
  • Mary Bailey
  • Brian Newby
  • Jen Wojtowicz
  • Ellie Harrison
  • Rose Wilo
  • Alysa Diebolt
  • Cardi DeMonaco Jr
  • Katie Donnelly
  • Justine Smith
  • Julie Plichota
  • Craig Wodecki
  • Devon Colby
  • Tiffany Jones
  • Suzanne Pixley
  • Dave Seaver
  • Alicia Seaver
  • Pat Alexander
  • Evelyn Ravelo
  • Lisa Oxford
  • Nick Gevedon
  • Timothy Kniaz

Business Sponsors


We would like to recognize the following businesses for their support of the community garden. They have stepped up and donated labor, money, and/or resources. We would not be able to accomplish what we have without their support.

Each logo is linked to the company’s website.

Please thank them for their support when you stop in to support their businesses.